HomePipe makes fetching and sharing files a no-brainer

Want to share files or access data from your PC from the road? Sure, there a lot of ways to do it, but now there's a free one called HomePipe. It's a service for PCs, Macs, iPhones, and Android phones (coming soon) that lets you designate directories on your computer, and then send a link to whomever you want to access them.

Install the HomePipe app on your PC or phone, and when you log in to your HomePipe account, all the files and folders you've designated are sitting right there, ready for downloading. Or, you can send a link to those whose email addresses you've approved, and they can download files from whichever directories you specify. And the good part is, to receive your files, they don't have to download an application.

HomePipe is still in beta, but its development is pretty far along — in our limited testing, we noticed everything working quite well and quickly. We especially like the fact that while a cache of your files resides in the cloud, the bulk of your files stay on your home computer until requested.

Company CEO Chris Hopen tells us there will always be a free version of HomePipe available, and if you want to transfer huge files, the more-capable premium version will still be cheap — as he put it, "it'll cost less than an ATM fee per month." So far, HopePipe looks good enough to take the place of more-expensive services like GoToMyPC, and more versatile than file transfer services such as YouSendIt. Great idea.

Via HomePipe