Harmony rolls out two cheaper remotes for the rest of us

Logitech Harmony just brought its wife-friendly universal remotes down to earth. We love these things, because once you have them set up online via USB, a single button push makes everything happen in your home theater, no expertise required. The color-screened 650 (the darker-colored one) retails for $99, and the only difference between it and its more expensive brother, the 700, is the lack of rechargeable batteries. If that's too expensive for you, the 600 costs $79 and the only difference is its monochrome screen instead of color.

We've been using these Logitech Harmony remotes for a few years now, so take our word for it when we tell you they'll make you a hero if you have older parents or technologically challenged family members.

Words of advice: Don't waste your money on Harmony models with fancy color touchscreens and rechargeable batteries — that spiffy screen will only make a difference on the first day you have it, and batteries inside a Harmony remote last for months. Instead, get Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries. Our only complaint? Harmony remotes' response is significantly slower than those included with a TiVo, for example. Small price to pay. Look for these retail prices to be cut drastically by the holidays.

Via CrunchGear