Harmony 300 remote is cheap but still powerful

Admit it: You've been lusting after those Harmony 900 and Harmony One remotes with their fancy touchscreens and shiny black finishes, haven't you? Only thing holding you back: You didn't feel like spending hundreds of dollars (or even $79) on a universal remote. Enter the Harmony 300, a $50 version without the LCD display but with almost all the functionality. That's right, you can push one macro button and have everything set up for four different devices.

If you're not hip to Logitech Harmony, it's simply the best universal remote in the world. You plug the remote into your PC with a USB cable, and then program everything using the Harmony website. It's a little tricky to get it all perfectly functioning, but you'll be a hero to anyone who's complained about how difficult it is to turn on your home theater system. Now that the price of admission is a mere 50 bucks? The Harmony phenomenon is nearly irresistible.

Via Logitech