Golden coffin with cellphone is fancier than Michael Jackson's

Now the immortal rich can fantasize about precisely how they plan to conquer death. All they need is this "golden" coffin, and once they're resurrected from the dead, a quick phone call sets everything right again. There are scant few details about this casket, but if it's actually made of solid gold, that sucker's going to be awfully heavy. Perhaps it's gold plated like Michael Jackson's $25,000 coffin.

Let's just hope there's good cellphone service available in the graveyards of the rich and stupid. How rich? A mere $381,000 gets you a spot in this coffin of gold, and we're assuming cellphone service is included in the price, which ought to be enough to cover a two-year contract. How stupid? Let's put it this way: We're thinking there's not going to be much need for rollover minutes. Idle rich, indeed.

Via Born Rich