GM's next-gen head-up display: a magic all-seeing helper

We already adore GM's head-up display in the Corvette, Cadillac STS, Buick Lacrosse and GMC Acadia, but that system is primitive compared to the magic GM has up its sleeve. This next-generation head-up display is smart. Using a compact laser reflecting off transparent phosphors embedded in the windshield, it superimposes messages and graphics that could save your life.

Think of how useful a night-vision view projected onto your windshield could be. It can indicate children running toward the car, or point out approaching vehicles that are out of your field of vision. But the system's overly helpful routine of graphically encircling speed limit signs might be overkill.

Still, this could come in handy. I'm reminded of the day I was driving around in the mountains and suddenly I was in a fog bank with zero visibility. It was unsafe to stop because someone might hit my car from behind, there was not enough shoulder on the road to pull over, so the only way I could see was to open the door and look down at the line in the middle of the road. I sure could have used a head-up display system like this.

Don't hold your breath, though. A GM R&D expert told us, "If all worked well and field testing went as planned, we could possibly see this technology in a vehicle in 2017."

Via GM