Gas-free mower doubles its power with a new secret

If you're one of those dumb bunnies still denying the truth of climate change, you probably aren't eager to use a manual push mower. But for the rest of us, the Momentum Reel Mower might be cool enough for us to consider. Made by scissors merchant Fiskars, this $250 manual mower has InertiaDrive, a flywheel that stores up energy. When you really need the extra oomph, it pulls the mower through dense grass with an intense application of twice the force.

The scissormongers also applied their sharp design skills to the mower's VersaCut blade, positioning it beyond the width of the wheels so you can cut close to obstacles, eliminating that no-cut zone where the wheels get in the way.

Why use a push mower rather than a petrol-powered noisemaker that goes 100mph or a lawnmower scooter? The EPA says those roaring lawnmowers of suburbia are responsible for 5% of the air pollution, and cutting grass for an hour delivers the same amount of noxious gasses as a 100-mile drive in a car. Besides that, we really like that whirring sound of a manual push mower.

Via GizMag