FedEx rolls out electric trucks of the future

FedEx is a forward-looking company that wants to enhance its green cred, so this week it rolled out its first all-electric FedEx delivery trucks in the United States. Beginning in June, FedEx sends the first four electric vans out on the roads of Los Angeles, saving energy in the most high-profile way.

Could this be a harbinger of great things to come from FedEx, or is it a publicity stunt? It certainly isn't going to be cheap, because even though the company's not talking about how much one of these vehicles costs, the truck's 80kWh battery alone is "well above the cost of a large luxury sedan," according to FedEx's VP of Global Vehicles John Formisano.

It's going to be difficult for FedEx to be a truly green company, especially considering that it flies around a gigantic fleet of fuel-guzzling atmosphere-polluting tin cans, otherwise known as aircraft. But hey, changing over four of its trucks to these great-looking electro-vehicles of the future is a start.

Via Fast Company