Fancy, powerful flashlight is designed by Porsche

We're drawn to this mPower Emergency Illuminator because of its Porsche Design Studio pedigree, but its practicality might make it worth its steep $289 price. This unusually bright 180-lumen flashlight is powered by a couple of C batteries, but if you get in a pinch, twist the knob in the back and its auxiliary lithium battery on the other side kicks in.

Making this torch practical is a USB port on the side, offering enough power to charge up a cellphone, music player or GPS navigator for a couple of hours. All this helpfulness makes it a worthy candidate for any luxury vehicle's glove box. It's one of the way-cool things we saw at CES 2010, and now you can pre-order one in either the titanium color you see here or black satin.

Practicality aside, just look at it! It resembles a couple of solid rocket boosters from NASA's scrapped Constellation program. Here's a video with the company geek explaining its virtues:

mPower, via Technabob