Eye-Fi intros faster wireless SD cards for cheapos

When the gadget news was flying fast and furious at CES, you may have missed that Eye-Fi introduced an 8GB SD card with 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity, letting you wirelessly transfer your pics to your computer ultra-fast. The Pro X2 card sounded great, but it was pricey at $150. Now Eye-Fi is extending its abilities to more affordable cards, the Explore X2 ($100) and the Connect X2 ($50).

The 8GB Explore X2 is similar to the Pro, but you lose the ability to upload RAW photos and send files directly to your computer (as opposed to sending through the Web). The Connect X2 does everything the Explore does except for geotagging, and it only has 4GB. All the X2 cards have "Endless" memory, which automatically erases old files after your capacity is filled to a certain point, but only if the files have been already uploaded.

We love that our Eye-Fi cards let us post our party pics on Facebook right away, so these upgrades are welcome. But TransferJet tech, which allows for near-instantaneous wireless uploading is finally here, so are Eye-Fi's days numbered?

Via Eye-Fi