Eneloop Lite makes battery recharging even cheaper

Join us in converting your battery fleet to rechargeables, and you could save a boatload of money while protecting the environment. Now Sanyo makes it easier with Eneloop Lite batteries that are even cheaper than their more-powerful brothers. Unlike the higher-powered Eneloop rechargeables, these are aimed at lower-power devices such as remote controls and alarm clocks.

Besides their lower cost, the AA and AAA Eneloop lite batteries are said to charge faster, and have a shelf life of three years before their power is discharged. Available in Japan in June, pricing will start at $8.64 for two 1.2V 950mAh AAs, and $7.09 for a pair of 1.2V 550mAh AAAs. Those are retail prices, and will probably be much lower by the time they reach Stateside. For instance, the standard Eneloop batteries retail for $15 for a pack of four, but you can get them for around $11.50 online.

We're astonished at Sanyo's claim that you can save $1000 with a pack of two of these babies over the lifetime of the batteries. Charge them up with the sun and save even more money.

These aren't the only brand of these long-lasting moneysavers, either. We got a tip last week that comparably priced IMEDION rechargeables top all of these, lasting even longer on the shelf, and they've received rave reviews on Amazon.

We've ordered bunches of all these and we're going to be testing them soon, so stay tuned.

Sanyo, via Engadget