Dragonfly personal rocket copter: available this year?

Put small rocket engines on the tips of a helicopter rotor, and you have the makings of Dragonfly DF1, a rocket-powered helicopter that might be for sale sometime this year. Although it reminds us of some of those early Fail videos of flying machines, rocket copters are supposed to be surprisingly easy to fly, with less vibration and improved stability.

Those hydrogen peroxide-powered rocket motors power this ultralight craft, and they're built by jetpack maker Tecaeromex. Thanks to the voluminous fuel tanks surrounding the pilot, the helicopter's non-burning hydrogen peroxide thrusters can power the craft for 50 minutes at 40mph.

Will the Tucson-based company Swisscopters US get this baby off the ground? It's off to a good start, already completing test flights and obtaining airworthy certificates last November. Here's a video of this rocket copter in action:

Via Red Ferret