Don't get burned! HDMI cable ripoffs, graphically explained

As an astute DVICE reader, we're sure you're aware of what a horrible ripoff Monster HDMI cables are. In case you haven't heard, you can get an HDMI cable that works as well as Monster's $250 sucker bait for $8.14 at Take a look at the full-sized graphic below for details from the clever artists at

Their most astonishing assertion: "Best Buy might make $138 on the cable to connect your PS3 to your TV." And the most humorous: "You could hook up your TV with 14K gold chain for less."

Our buddies at Gizmodo tested cheap HDMI cables, noticing slight signal loss on a laboratory scope when using longer HDMI cable lengths. Despite that, you'll never see the difference between those ripoff cables and the reasonably priced ones.

Via CrunchGear