Counter Surveillance Camera: what are you looking at?

The first line of defense is knowing what you're up against. How can you protect yourself if you can't see what's checking you out? The CS300K Long Range Counter Surveillance Camera from JETprotect not only detects cameras and scoping devices aimed at you, but it even can pick up binoculars, cameras and even the human eye. Creepy, right?

"The software alerts the target BEFORE that first shot by detecting if someone is watching with field glasses or rifle scope," said Gregory Johnston, CTO of JETprotect. "When combined with the company's automatic surveillance detection software, the system becomes a 24/7 guard against snoopers and automatically annunciates and archives the event.

The product is aimed for military and security applications to protect high-risk individuals, but in time, it could trickle down to us common folk. Would you want to know if someone is checking you out?