Control-A-Man, Control-A-Woman remotes show us our priorities

Diabolical villains and married couples alike should be able to appreciate the driving concept behind the Control-A-Man and Control-A-Woman remotes: getting your better half to stoop to your level. For women, that means being able to stop a man's bodily functions at the press of a button, have them talk about shoes and their emotions, put the lid down on the toilet, and, ultimately, propose. For a man, the most prominent button on the remote is labeled "Remove Clothes." That's pretty much all that has to be said.

The remotes are being sold by ThinkGeek for $6 apiece (so $12 for the pair). Do they work? Maybe, according to the product description: "Point at subject, press button, hope for the best."

Check out a bonus image down below, where you can read the buttons.

Via ThinkGeek