This isn't a punchline: coffee-powered car burns 56 espressos per mile

If you consider coffee to be your fuel to get you through the day, then maybe it's time you made that official. You could do just that with the cleverly named Carpuccino, which used to be your average 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco, but now it runs on coffee. The minds behind it on the BBC science show Bang Goes The Theory crunched the numbers and determined that the car, much like tech bloggers, needs a whopping 56 espressos for a single mile.

"Coffee, like wood or coal, has some carbon content so you can use it as a fuel," the show's producer, Nick Watson, said of the car. "The coffee needs to be very dry and in pellets to allow the air to move through the pile of coffee as it burns. The brand doesn't matter."

Before you start thinking you could be stopping at Starbucks every morning for a quick refueling, consider that the car burns through over two pounds of ground coffee every three miles. At that rate, Bang Goes The Theory claims, operating it like a normal car could cost 25 to 50 times more than gasoline.

DailyMail, via Inhabitat