Strap-on porch for high-rise dwellers? Sounds crazy, but here it is

Bolt this shed onto your high-rise apartment, and suddenly it's like you're living down on terra firma. Not only does it give you a lush patio garden, but it solar-heats enough water for one person, collects rainwater in a tank, and shades your apartment to keep things cool on those roasty toasty summer days. Is that grass growing on the top of each one? Maybe that's the worm farm touted by the designer.

This design concept, an entry in The Sustainable Habitat Challenge, might not be something you just attach to the outside of your apartment without checking with your building manager. See the picture in the gallery below, and notice how they look as a coordinated effort — these clip-on porches could seriously modernize a boring glass box building.

Via Treehugger