Chakall Grill brings char-broiled goodness inside?

It's not much fun grilling burgers in the middle of a snowstorm. That's why we'd like to plug in this Flama Chakall Grill, place it under our super-powerful range hood that can practically suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, and see if the grill can leave those luscious carbon stripes on our slaughtered animal flesh — no matter what the weather.

It's unclear whether it's even possible or safe to use this grill inside, but there's certainly enough power on board to properly fire up those meats — there's a 2.3kW heating element blazing away under the grates. Making cleanup easier is a sloping plate underneath that steers all that smoldering grease down to a central spot.

Sure beats the heck out of a George Foreman grill. It might be worth its €65 ($89.37) if it can bring that charcoal goodness inside.

Via Appliancist