Super tarp material lets sand through, but not back the other way

Summer's coming, complete with trips to the beach and camping in the great outdoors. Along with that come sand and dirt in every nook and cranny of your tent, RV and car. CGear Multimat is a tarp that attempts to keep sand and dirt in its place.

The Multimat uses a patented ripstop material that lets sand and dirt sift through downward, but it can't get back up to the surface. It looks like it works great with fine grains of sand, but larger bits of dirt and debris won't fit through the weave. The material was originally designed to reduce the dust kicked up by helicopters in military applications.

I know I go through contortions that would impress Cirque du Soleil to keep dirt out of my tent when I'm camping, so if this works, it would make my life so much better. Or at least less gritty.

CGear via Gizmodiva