Asus's iPad fighter, a 10-inch convertible netbook, ships April

Can't decide whether you want a tablet or a netbook? Have both, says Asus. The company's touchscreen convertible netbook, the Eee PC T101MT, is set to ship in April for an iPad-fightin' price of $500. That's a price-point that's even-steven with the iPad, but offers both a more traditional laptop experience mixed with tablet-like functionality — the kind you used to see all the time with Toshiba's Satellite line.

For your money, you'll get a netbook that has a swiveling, 10-inch touchscreen so that it can operate like a netbook or a tablet, the kind of Intel Atom N450 processor you'll find in almost any netbook, a built-in GPU, 1GB of RAM, 160GB of storage and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a webcam, three USB ports, and an SDHC card reader. Oh, and it runs Windows 7.

For a little more money, you will also apparently be able to double both the RAM and the hard drive storage space, as well as upgrade the Windows 7 Starter Edition to Premium. If we're to believe the studies that business users want an iPad over a netbook, though, the T101MT could be in for a rough landing.

Liliputing, via Maximum PC