Asus reveals its Windows 7 Eee PC 1005PR, still gets the price right

Asus is taking the cover off the next big release in its popular line of Eee PCs, the 1005PR, which resides in the same family as the company's excellent 1005HA "Seashell." The new machine boasts a 10.1 inch LED backlit display that — with the 1005PR's onboard HD decoder — is capable of displaying HD content in 720p. The 1005PR also takes advantage of Intel's newer Pineview-M N450 processor that the CPU maker released late last year, which is geared toward netbooks and helps improve battery life.

Other than that you're also looking at a copy of Windows 7 Starter Edition, which is a pared-down version of of the OS, made specifically for netbooks. With all that in mind, you'd expect Asus to try to ship the 1005PR has some kind of fancy high-end netbook, but not so: the company wants to see it on shelves for $400. No word on where or when, though we wouldn't expect Asus will keep us waiting too long.

Check out more of the 1005PR in the gallery below, which features press shots showing off some of the different colors as well as the nicely-spaced keyboard keys.

Via Thoughts From The Sidelines