ASUS officially enters the e-reader fray with the DR-900

It looks like ASUS's first e-reader out of the gates will be the DR-900, a 9-inch slab that boasts Wi-Fi with a 3G option and a battery which lasts a whopping 10,000 pages (no word on if you need to be a speed reading champion to take advantage of that).

Besides that, details about the DR-900 have yet to be filled in — such as the price and release date — though we're pretty sure it'll have 4GB of internal storage, welcome support for PDF, TXT, MP3 and ePUB files, a monotone touchscreen and a headphone jack.

While the DR-900 may seem simple in the face of fancier e-readin' tablets such as the iPad and HP's Slate, we imagine that ASUS is going to roll out its offering at unprecedentedly cheap levels, just like the company did with its successful netbooks. We'll let you know when we hear about said price, as well as a release date.

So, is that "Dee-Arr," or is there a doctor in the house?

Via Engadget