Astonishing Rube Goldberg music video by OK Go

Never mind that Chicago power pop group OK Go pleaded for weeks to get their greedy record company EMI to allow this unique video to be embeddable — it is now, and just look! The group's Rube Goldberg masterpiece is here for all to see.

"This Too Shall Pass" might be the most elaborate setup ever, and beyond that, it's got to be the most tasteful and colorful. That's what you get when you assemble a brilliant team consisting of wizards from Syyn Labs, Caltech, and MIT Medialab. They created this magnificent machine inside a 10,000-square-foot abandoned warehouse, and Flying Box Productions shot it all with brilliant skill and artistry.

Why were all those people clapping at the end? Was the video successfully shot in one take? That huge warehouse full of paraphernalia couldn't have been easy to set up. Want to see how this was done? Four videos with a few hints:

OK Go, via Gizmodo