Architects take a stab at earthquake-proof architecture

In the wake of two major catastrophes caused by earthquakes, the idea of buildings being able to withstand such an amazingly destructive force is interesting to think about. Well, the folks at OFIS Architects have taken a stab at it, and weirdly enough the earthquake-proof cities of the future could be filled with buildings that resemble volcanoes.

Known as the All-Seasons Tent Tower, the two spires you see above would house restaurants, apartments, shops, and areas for business and recreation, and — as is appropriate with designs for future buildings — be enormously energy efficient using a mix of solar and an environment-regulating facade. The real highlight, however, is the theoretical resilience in the event of an earthquake, which is in part thanks to the structure's shape, but also due to a series of concrete and composite columns that tie back in to the rest of the building.

The All-Seasons Tent Tower is just a concept at this time, but we're definitely happy to see architecture weaving in a resistance to the elements in new and creative ways.

OFIS, via Inhabitat