Adjustable Light Lamp, modulated by a quartet of Venetian blinds

We like to interact with our lighting, dimming it, and pointing every which way. This design takes that idea one step further, suspending an orb-shaped bulb inside a box, and surrounding it with perforated Venetian blinds. Let's let designers Enric Jovani and Mariona Cruells explain it:

Surpassing the on/off routine, the lamp opens a whole univers of nuances and luminosities, a fan of ambients and situations within reach, allowing even to give form to diverse moods. Is not just an object, is a new way to interact with the light.

It is a cool looking lamp, isn't it? We'd like to see it available perched atop a stalk, as an alternative to the wall-mounted version you'll see in the gallery below.

It's a design concept so far, but this one has possibilities.

Via Design Milk