$52,000 golf cart has a fridge in the dash, Cristal not standard

So, what justifies a $52,000 price tag on a damn golf cart? Cold beer, apparently. And just cold beer. For that kind of cash, I want to be able to tell you that Monaco's Garia Soleil de Minuit cart is driven by a robot chauffeur or uses jump-jets to hop from one course to the next. Not so, dear reader: you're pretty much paying for a fancy built-in ice box.

Besides the fridge, the Monaco leans on its industrial parentage. The thing's assembled at the Valmet Automotive factory in Finland, which rolls out Porches alongside this thing, and it's got parts in it from the same folks who build Ducati gearboxes and frames for Aston Martin and Jaguar. It's also got some fancy paint (color choice is yours, of course), a brake for every aluminum wheel and hand-stitched seats. Oh, and it's also got a FIFTY-TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR price tag. That all makes it — handily, we imagine — the most costly luxury golf cart in production in the world.

Looking at the image above, though, you really wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Via Gizmag