3D-ready TVs arrive before 3D is ready

If you're looking to be an early adopter of 3D entertainment, then your earliest options are coming from Samsung. The company has 46- and 55-inch versions of its LED 7000 3D HDTVs, available at both Sears and Amazon. So, ready for the price?

Not bad, as it turns out. Samsung is asking for $2,600 for the 46-inch UN46C7000 (boy, what a great name — I'm sure you can't wait to run out and tell your friends, "Guess what I got today? The UN46C7000!"), and $3,300 for the 55-inch UN55C7000. Of course, you won't actually be able to take advantage of said 3D capabilities until, say, 3D Blu-ray players hit the market or a 3D channel starts up. Oh, and you'll also need a pair of shutter glasses as neither retailer is offering a pair with the TVs.

Other companies such as Panasonic, LG and Sony will also be rolling out 3DTVs in the coming months, but Samsung's beat them to the punch. Maybe with no more style than a commenter dropping "first" on a fresh article, but first nonetheless.