Siemens Zeolith dishwasher dehumidifies the air to save power

Dishwashers are big time power hogs. Between heating the wash water, and then heating up the air to dry the cleaned dishes, most dishwashers suck enough power to require a special high current electrical supply.

A lot of the power used during the dry cycle is needed to reduce the effects of humidity left over from the wash cycle, so the Engineers at Siemens have come up with a way to recycle some of that energy with every load. About three pounds of moisture absorbing minerals called zeolites are held in a container in the bottom of the machine, and during the wash cycle they are heated along with the water. During the dry cycle, the zeolites release their stored up heat, and also absorb moisture from the air inside the machine. The moisture stays in the zeolites until the next wash cycle, when the heating will release it back into the wash water. The result is a faster load cycle, and a 20% reduction in power consumption over the most efficient conventional dishwashers.

While widely available in Europe, somebody needs to convince Siemens to re-establish their US distribution.

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