YouTube will now help you keep your ISP honest

Ever wonder how your Internet connection stacks up to people in your area, using the same service? YouTube's new Video Speed Dashboard will let you know just that, comparing your stats on an ISP, city-, state-, country-wide and global level, and giving you a 30-day profile of what your Internet connection looks like. Interestingly, you can also see the average results of users near you on other ISPs, which could be some food for thought if you find yourself falling behind.

It's not new and exciting in the sense that it's a net connection speed benchmarker — those have been around forever — it's new and exciting because it's the kind of tool everyone should have, and Google/YouTube just made it easy.

Well, easy enough. We notice that it isn't very visible on YouTube right now. You've got to scroll all the way down and find a link to it under "Help," so basically you've got to be looking for it. What the site will do with the information in the future, remains to be seen. Google's been on an net conenction speed kick lately, so maybe they want to help make users more aware of the service they're getting.

YouTube, via TechCrunch