WTF, it's a clock for cycling iMac fanatics

Attention iMac aficionados who are also cyclists: There's now a $69 clock created especially for you! This hand-made Recycled iMac Restore Disk Clock is certain to remind you of those trying times when you needed to repair your iMac's operating system while you were climbing a steep grade standing on the granny gear. And dig that bike-chain pendulum.

We marvel at the boundless creativity of Etsy, purveyors of another Mac-related clock we showed you a couple of weeks ago. Soon, the company will be able to equip every room of your abode with timepieces paying homage to that fruity object of your stylish obsession. For us, maybe there will soon be a clock featuring one of those once-ubiquitous AOL disks.

Etsy, via Geeky Gadgets