Wave UFO is the Project Natal of remote-control toys

It looks like a flying beanie with a fan inside, but Spin Master claims its Air Hogs Vectron Wave UFO is the first remote-control device that doesn't need the remote control. Instead you direct it with gesture control, making it kind of like the RC version of Microsoft's Project Natal. You hold it by its top spindle, start the motor and hold your hand underneath as it begins to hover. As you move your hand laterally to the ground, the UFO moves with you. Make an upward toss gesture, and up the UFO goes. The more violent the motion, the higher it flies. Make a diagonal toss gesture, and you can push it toward a buddy, who can "catch it" over his hand and toss it back (or not).

At the demonstration we got at the New York Toy Fair, the UFO got caught in an air-conditioning updraft and flew clear over the top of the booth into the adjacent stall. We had to yell to the kindly unseen neighbors on the other side of the wall for our toy back, and seconds later if came wafting back over the top of the booth. You can attempt to keep it in your yard and away from the mean old man next door when it becomes available this spring for $25.