Virgin developing 'underwater plane' for its private island

Virgin CEO Richard Branson may have his own airline and a space tourism company, but there's still one frontier yet to explore: the depths of the Caribbean Sea. And that's exactly where the British mogul's new craft, the Nymph, will take visitors to Necker Island. We use the word "visitor" lightly — a one-week stay at Necker costs a cool $300,000. Then it's another $25,000 for a week of access to the Nymph, which can carry one pilot and two passengers.

From CNN:

Beginning on Feb. 20, two riders and a pilot will be able to take the plunge from land, or from a boat. The underwater plane uses the downward pressure on its wings to fly through the water for up to two hours at a time, while an open cockpit will give riders a 360-degree view.

The Nymph typically goes between two to five nautical miles an hour and can dive up to 100 feet under the surface. It can be launched from a 105-foot yacht attached to the island — the Necker Belle — or from the shore.

CNN Money, via Geekologie