Vancouver Olympic HQ has oodles of impressive hardware, but they're 'bored'

In a behind-the-scenes look at the command center for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic games, CNET's Ina Fried caught up with Atos Origin's Magnus Alvarsson, one of the folks responsible for setting up the HQ's IT. How was Alvarsson? He was "bored," which he says is a good thing.

"It's been boring and I'm very happy because of that," Alvarsson said during the interview. "The objective is to be bored and so far we're as bored as we can be."

It's pretty impressive how calm and quiet the control room behind Alvarsson seems to be, considering all the hardware jam-packed in the room: 6,000 PCs, 800 servers, 800 networking devices and 130 terabytes of data all have to be kept running, linked-up and monitored.

Alvarsson, for his part, prefers his happy boredom: "As long as everything goes well, we don't have anything to do."

Check out the interview in the video below.