TV Hat holds your iPod up, reduces dignity to 0%

Can mobile video ever truly be hands-free? Short of gravity-defying floating iPods, it seems unlikely, but earlier this week we stumbled upon a possible solution: the TV Hat.

Essentially a baseball hat with an extended visor, the TV hat has a pocket at the end of the lid for your portable player. One it's inside, you pull down the black canvas material velcroed under the lid, creating blinders and blocking out the sun. Underneath the lid is a rectangular magnifying glass that flips down that supposedly "enhances" visibility. There are openings for your earphones, too. It costs $20.

I tried the TV Hat and had trouble balancing it due to the weight of my iPod pulling it forward. If you have thick hair you'll probably have a harder time balancing. It works, but the cost is looking ridiculous. If you are on a lonely beach or at an empty pool, the TV Hat might be tempting to pull out and use on really intense sun-glare days. In a crowd, that depends on how secure you are in your geekdom.