TruePower USB outlet, right where you need it

How many devices do you have that charge via a USB port? Plenty, we're sure. Yeah, there are many USB charging devices, from cool USB hubs to wall-wart plugs. But, all those are yet another device that's most likely not where you need it when you need it.

The TruePower U-Socket has two USB charger ports next to two standard power outlets, right in a standard sized electrical wall plate. No external gadgets needed. Supposedly, it's quite easy for people to wire for their own homes, and the company hopes to make this standard issue for hotels and offices. Once UL approved, it will be available for $20, hopefully by the end of March, 2010.

UPDATE from the manufacturer's website: Please also note that the USB ports only draw power when something is physically connected to the port. We didn't want a vampire port that continually sucks and wastes power when not in use so this was one of the features on the top of our priority list during the design phase.

Via Ars Technica