The 7 best Super Bowl XLIV commercials featuring tech

Talking animals took a back seat to high technology this year during the commercial breaks of Super Bowl XLIV. After a slow start full of desperate beer lovers and lethal corn chips, the tech started flowing in abundance. By the time those old codgers called The Who took to the stage at halftime, we knew this was going to be a good year for tech-related Super Bowl commercials. Here are our top seven favorites:

Okay, let's get the animals out of the way up top, because after all, they're people too. After they see this spot, violin-playing beavers will soon flock to, putting their careers in overdrive by using the Web to the fullest extent. Isn't technology wonderful?

6. Hyundai Sonata
Someday Vikings quarterback Brett Favre will figure out whether he's going to retire or not, but apparently that won't be happening 10 years from now according to this spot for the Hyundai Sonata. Say what you will about one of the all-time great quarterbacks, but he's not afraid to make fun of himself. Not sure how this sells Hyundai Sonatas, but it certainly caught our attention. Check out that holographic trophy!

5. Intel
You have to feel sorry for this gleaming white robot when the loudmouthed guy at an Intel lunch table extols the virtues of every other Intel product...except him. Wasn't this little bot the best thing they've ever produced? Well, now Intel has to get busy producing a little bot like this.

4. KGB
Human-powered mobile search service KGB does have a point: It does take quite a while to find what you want on the Internet, no matter what platform you're using. Well, unless you're using KGB, and what a great way to illustrate that! Time probably goes by a lot faster if you have a sumo wrestler thundering toward you.

3. Google
What a poignant, beautiful piece of video poetry from Google! Who knew such drama could be conveyed on a simple screen showing Google's spartan Web interface?

2. Vizio
Vizio's robot hand grabs onto every internet meme and app it can think of in this powerful and surreal techno tour de force. Whoa. Somebody pinch me.

1. FloTV
Here's the top techie spot of the 2010 Super Bowl, "Moments" for FloTV. Showing us a half-century's worth of TV in a minute, it reminds us what we'd be missing if we didn't have TV on us 24/7. The Who's "My Generation," remixed by with a snappy video edit of the most defining moments TV has ever broadcast, makes us feel like our lives are flashing before our eyes. Powerful stuff.

Tell us in the comments section below which ones you liked the best, and until February 14th, you can vote for your faves on YouTube.