This custom titanium iPhone has us drooling all over

Martin Schrotz decided that his iPhone 3GS's case just wasn't doing it for him. We don't blame him — while that plastic doesn't seem to pick up scratches as easily as the first gen iPhone's metallic rears, we miss that original heft. Schrotz must agree, because he went for a new titanium body for his Apple handset.

Schrotz even decided to come up with a whole new, Apple-appropriate back:

Basically I designed a new back cover for the 3GS. I had the original cover measured digitally, and I then started to draw the new cover in CAD. It's made out of a special titanium alloy that is RF transparent. I had tried aluminum but that was a complete disaster.

No word on whether or not he wants to offer the treatment to other owners for a price, but you can check out another shot of Schrotz's one-of-a-kind iPhone down below.

modmyi, via Engadget