Super Bowl broadcast to feature 540fps slow-mo cameras

While hundreds of millions of Super Bowl viewers munch on enough potato chips to reach the moon if laid end to end (293,000 miles' worth, to be exact), this Sunday's game will feature spectacularly detailed slow motion replays. Among the 50 cameras deployed for the broadcast, CBS will be using six Vision Research Phantom V640 super slow-mo cameras.

Super cameras indeed. Surprisingly, CBS won't be cranking them anywhere near as high as they can go, where we'll see slow motion at a rate of between 480 to 540 frames per second on the Super Bowl XLIV broadcast. The Phantom V640 is capable of shooting 1,500 four-megapixel frames per second, or 2,700 HD frames per second. That's almost fast enough to see a bullet going through an apple, or a water balloon popping in a very special way.

Via Vision Research