Star Wars crawl crashes to Earth, smacked down by Star Trek

From the looks of this brilliant video clip, that Star Wars galaxy must not have been so far, far away after all. If this opening crawl was traveling at the speed of light, the galaxy in question must have been our own, because it's been 33 years since the first Star Wars movie was released. That said, the shooting of this clip was easy, but the editing wasn't:

"My friends and I were bored one day during Christmas break and decided to make a quick movie. We shot this in 30 minutes and only used 8 minutes of tape. I then proceeded to spend 3 and a half weeks putting in the visuals for the film. Special thanks to the Action Essentials 2 kit from, and Jason Lee for his Enterprise model."

Brilliant effects, guys! Isn't the democratization of video production, effects, and animation a wonderful thing? Beyond that, we cheer the way the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek completely slam dunks the remnants of Star Wars, as it should. Because after all, isn't it obvious that the cerebral and mighty Star Trek is better than the infantile Star Wars?

Via Gizmodo