Spray-on Liquid Glass could change our world

Liquid Glass could change our world more than Teflon and GoreTex did. The flexible and breathable material coats any surface with a 1000th-of-an-inch-thick layer of pure silicon dioxide, otherwise known as glass. What's the big deal about that? Such a fine, smooth film can protect whatever is underneath from bacteria and dirt, and it's even waterproof and resists UV rays.

When you coat a surface with Liquid Glass, it's a whole lot easier to clean. Its creator, German company Nanopool, says anything sprayed with this stuff can be completely cleaned with a quick rinse of hot water, and it will be disinfected as much as bleach could do on any other surface. This could be a big hit with germaphobes.

Best of all, the company says it's completely safe for the environment, so maybe we can just go ahead and coat the whole world with it. Let's just hope they're right about that harmlessness, lest we paint everything with some kind of all-consuming grey goo.

Via Telegraph