Sony Dash will stream Netflix! Who knew?

It doesn't take much prompting for us to sing the praises of Chumby, so now we're double-stoked about that Sony Dash personal internet viewer we showed you at CES. Now, Sony reveals that the Chumby-packing Dash can do even more, streaming Netflix movies as well as running all of those Sony apps, and of course, the full complement of Chumby widgets of which we are all so fond.

If you're hell-bent on watching movies on a 7-inch touchscreen, this $199 deskside or bedside companion might be for you. We've laid hands on it in the flesh, and are here to tell you that even though it's a bit thick in the back, it's still a highly capable and versatile connected screen. We can't wait until April to get our hands on it for an extended visit.

PR Newswire, via Engadget