Sony files patent for universal console controller with virtual interface

Sony could one day have one controller to rule them all, if this patent is any indication. The electronics giant has filed a patent for something it may or may not one day produce: a video game console controller which uses an LCD interface to simulate buttons, rather than relying on a physical, static configuration.

It appears that there would be physical shoulder buttons, and a the control schemes listed are reminiscent of the NES, SNES and classic PlayStation controller minus the thumbstick. (Maybe item 82 in the figure above would act as a virtual joystick?)

Interestingly enough, Xbox, PlayStation and "Nintendo" (we guess the Wiimote itself is too fancy to emulate) are all mentioned on the patent, suggesting that Sony is looking to control more than just its own systems. You can see it all in the plans above.

GoRumors, via Electronista