Solar solBat2 charger keeps your iPhone going and going

if you hang around in the sun all day, here's a great way to keep an energy-gobbling device working overtime. The Scosche solBAT2's 1500-milliamp lithium-ion battery stores the power it gathers from the sun, standing ready for that inopportune moment when you're out of juice. And just think, if the end of the world comes and electricity goes out forever, you'll still be able to use your iPod.

Scosche solves device incompatibility problems by using the USB cable you plug into your iPhone, iPod, Blackberry or MP3 player. Trying to think of everything, Scosche helpfully includes a windshield cradle for road warriors and a carabiner mount for mountain climbers.

We like the solar aspect of this $30 charger, but if Apple would just put a replaceable battery in its iPhones and iPods, a huge chunk of this cottage industry of battery props would be unnecessary.

Via Scosche