Sinister homemade LEGO-bot solves Rubik's Cubes in seconds

Continuing the trend this week of awesome LEGO creations is the CubeStormer, a Rubik's Cube solvin' 'bot built from scratch from a LEGO Mindstorms kit.

The CubeStormer uses a LEGO webcam in conjunction with some special software running off a PC to be able to solve each Rubik's Cube:

Built entirely from lego elements with a lego web camera to scan the faces of the cube, The solve engine (algorithm) running on the computer is provided by the incredible "Cube Explorer" software which also provides the colour recognition required to determine the exact location of each coloured square.

After a cube is successfully scanned, the CubeStormer can solve it reliably in around 20 turns, which takes scant seconds. What we love about the 'Stormer, though, is that it looks damn good doing it — it could double as a Stargate, and looks quite a bit like the Large Hadron Collider's little brother.

Check out the CubeStormer in action in the video down below:

Via Geekologie