Programmable spy tank turns your kid into an app developer

Most kids want to spy on their siblings every now and then, and for today's kids, technology has made snooping easier than ever.

The latest weapon in their arsenal is the Spy Video TRAKR, which takes remote controlled toy technology to a whole new level. Equipped with a color video camera and microphone, the TRAKR sends live video back to the remote, which has its own built in color monitor and speaker. The camera even has infrared sensing technology, so you can still see where you are going when the room is completely dark. If you want to set up a booby trap, you can use the TRAKR's motion sensor to play a message if your sister sneaks into your room, and it will even record the transgression on a flash card so you have video evidence.

As if that wasn't awesome enough, the TRAKR allows you to write your own custom apps using a set of online tools, or you can customize the existing apps to fit your own needs. Once you've come up with something good, your app can be shared online with other TRAKR owners. It's all kind of like a super cool melding of Lego Mindstorms NXT and Spy Gear's own ATV-360 from a just couple of years ago. Best of all, your kid will be learning how to create new computer apps, all the time thinking that he's just coming up with a sneaky new way to spy on his sister. We just need to make sure that this type of snooping technology doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

The Spy Video TRAKR from Wild Planet will be available in October for $120.

WIld Planet, via Wall Street Journal Report