Filtered bottles help keep water mythology alive

A world obsessed with bottled water is fertile ground for those who would take a product that's almost free and sell it for thousands of times its value. Into that fear-based atmosphere springs Bobble, a $10 product designed to "make water better." The idea is to eliminate the constant purchase of bottled water and its problematic plastic vessels, instead endowing these reusable curvaceous containers with their own "activated carbon filters with a slight positive charge."

So now you can pour that poisonous tap water into this "patented filtered water bottle," resulting in harmless hydration. Then you can go on your merry way, carrying around this vessel like it's a baby bottle, while smugly assured that you've done your part for the environment. And hey, those horrible toxins won't find their way into your personal temple, otherwise known as your carcass. All the while, you can keep drinking those mythological "eight glasses of water a day," even though there's not one shred of evidence that it's necessary.

This might make sense if the tap water tastes terrible where you live. And, it's probably the same as bottled water — after all, many bottled water companies use ordinary tap water for their products. Whether this special 300-cycle filter works or not, we like Karim Rashid's design of these 18.5-ounce bottles. We just wish people realized that tap water isn't nearly as dangerous as the water-selling companies would have them believe.

Waterbobble, via Design Milk