Panasonic 3D plasma HDTVs display a rare medium, well done

There are plenty of 3D LCD TVs, but now Panasonic rolls out a breed of 3D that's more rare: a plasma display. The company announced Viera VT in two different sizes today, a 50-incher retailing for $4,800, and a 54-inch for $5,900. Just put on your 3D active shutter glasses (included with the TVs), and you're set to step into the immersive world of 3D, or so they say.

We've seen Panasonic plasma 3D TVs, and they looked drop-dead gorgeous — colorful, contrasty (like 5 zillion-to-1), and downright crispy. However, we're not sure we're willing to spend $4,800 for a 50-inch 3D HDTV with very little programming available for it yet. Our enthusiasm for 3D undoubtedly has its limits. And really, Panasonic: $1,100 for four more diagonal inches? No ship date is announced yet.

Via Geeky Gadgets