Norway is building a 10 Million watt monster wind turbine

Size matters when it come to wind turbines, so the Norwegian energy company Enova is leading the charge by building the largest wind turbine ever, saying that its gigantic size will make it more efficient than current models. This monster will be able to crank out 10MW from its 475 foot rotor, or enough to power about 4000 homes. That will put it well ahead of the giant wind turbine The Queen of England snagged a while back. At 533 feet, it's taller than a 50 story building, yet it's not going to be anchored on the seabed, but will float instead with just a suction anchor on the sea floor to stop it from floating away.

Construction is already well under way, and Enova plans to test it on land before finally anchoring it at sea some time next year.

Grist, via