Nikon enters 1080p video world with Coolpix P100 camera

We're going to spare you wading through the dozens of cameras rolled out today in an orgy of brand spamming, but this Nikon P100 has us stoked. Although it's a mere point-and-shoot "still" camera, today marks a milestone for Nikon and this little $400 superzoom: It's the company's first to shoot 1080p video.

It's odd Nikon would choose a point-and-shoot camera to first roll out 1080p video capability, while 720p is the best its mighty digital SLRs can do, and some can't shoot video at all. Let's think of it as good news, though — this must mean the next Nikon digital SLR will catch up with Canon, giving us 1080p shooting in all its glory.

Beyond that headline item, there's more coolness, such as Nikon's switch to a different image sensor known as CMOS, rocking better low-light performance even at a lower pixel count — this one's just 10 megapixels. It's also able to shoot 10 frames per second stills at full-rez, and 120 frames per second at 1.1 megapixels. And hey, you can even zoom while you record video. Go ahead, put those specs into your big-boy cameras, Nikon.

Nikon, via Gizmodo