New Microsoft BlueTrack mice are cheap yet accurate

We were already convinced of the outstanding value of Microsoft pointing devices, and then along come three new ones that look like an even better deal, each costing less than $30. All have that cool Microsoft BlueTrack technology, letting you use them on any surface, even glass.

The three new models include two wireless mice, the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 ($29.95) and Wireless Mouse 2000 (also $29.95). Both are ambidextrous with rubber grips on the side; the full-sized 2000 has a tiny transceiver that snaps into the bottom of the mouse like those Microsoft Arc mice we like so much. The 3500 is slightly smaller with a really tiny nano transceiver that hangs out just a centimeter from the USB port, available in Lock Ness Gray (haha, sell it, Microsofties!) and Dragon Fruit Pink.

If wired mice are your thing, here's the first one with BlueTrack, the Comfort Mouse 4500 ($24.95). It'll be available in loud colors: Sea Blue, Poppy Red and Strawberry Pink. All will be available for pre-order on Amazon soon, but you'll have to wait for March for the 4500 and 2000, and April for the 3500. Take a close look at all three in the gallery below.

Via Microsoft