Multi-tab power strip keeps tabs on what's plugged where

Unless you have a system worked out, you're no doubt familiar with the idea of "walking down a wire" to find out what plug goes to which gadget, computer, monitor or what have you. Designer Soon Mo Kang wants to save you the trouble with the Multi-Tab surge protector, which not only features LEGO-like components, but labels so you know what you've got plugged in.

The idea is that, with the Multi-Tab, you'd have a block for each thing you're plugging in — such as a monitor, for example. You'd always know where your monitor was plugged in, as a glowing LED would illuminate a monitor-shaped label on the Multi-Tab's block. When you want to unplug it, you just press down on a tab and the plug comes right out, and your computer won't mysteriously shut off from your error.

It's not the most complex power strip we've seen, but we like that the Multi-Tab keeps it simple while refreshing some well-worn ideas. You'd also theoretically only have a strip that's as big as you need it to be, since you could disconnect unneeded blocks. Check out more of Soon Mo Kang's Multi-Tab in the gallery below.

Via Yanko Design